Adult Choir  A committed group of singers, ages high school thru retired, who rehearse once a week on Thursday for two hours and sing each Sunday during the Music Dept. year. Retreats are held twice a year

Chamber Singers  A select group of singers taken from the Adult Choir. Entrance is by a further, more demanding audition. The group sings mainly "a cappella" music of the 16th, 17th, and 20th centuries. They rehearse once a week, and sing once or twice a month.

Youth Choir  A group of children, boys and girls together, ages 1st/2nd Grade [good readers] thru middle school. The choir rehearses twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays, sings each Sunday of the Dept. year, and also sings the service of Evensong on the first Wednesday of each month [beginning Sep, 2017], September thru May. Private training is offered to each member using a syllabus based on the Voice for Life Training Scheme of the Royal School of Church Music. Two retreats a year are organized for this choir also. 

Angels Choir  A choir for children aged birth thru 1st grade. They rehearse once a week for half an hour on Wednesday, and sing once a month in church before a Sunday Service. The accent is on the fun and enjoyment of singing together. Parent/Care-taker participation is expected for the rehearsals.  

Other Groups 
St. Michael's Bands & Instrumentalists
Open to all members of the parish skilled and brave enough on guitar, on an orchestral/band instrument, or on a keyboard [even if it's one hand at a time] to play along with hymns and other items during church services.  We have a bass guitar, drum set, large bongo set, in addition to mutiple hand percussion instruments.  There is a band for the 6:00 PM service, and approx. 1-2 X a month a band may appear at the 10:15 AM.

Open to all members of the parish of all ages, who can, at the minimum read and "one finger" a melody on a keyboard.
To join any of these groups please contact the church Music Office,
407-843-8448, or email