2015-2016 YEAR

March 12, 2016
> With notes from meeting.

1.  Prayer

2.  Review NOV thru NOW
Nov 23 - Thanksgiving Week schedule
Caroling: Fri, Dec 11 / Sat, Dec 19
Wed, Dec 23, Full Rehearsal
Christmas Eve Schedule - unchanged
Vacation: Dec 25 thru Sat, Jan 3

Re the Verger’s Wand donation to Charterhouse: followed up with Wippell, who had not contacted me to date, following my
contacting them a month ago.  Said I would be hearing from someone ASAP.  Advised Charterhouse of this....

Fri/Sat, Feb 5/6: YCH Workshop
Wed, Feb 10: Ash Wed Schedule
Wed, Feb 17: begin Lenten Wed schedule
Sundays of Feb 21 & 28: Diocesan Youth Choir Festival
Fri/Sat, March 11/12: Adult Choir Workshop

Those items without any notes - ALL OK, AND/OR NO ACTION REQUIRED

3.  Plan NOW thru NOV

Palms Sunday Photo - March 20
HOLY WEEK/EASTER - March 20-27 [followed by 1 week vacation]
Noted we needed an EASTER BREAKFAST Head Person
We resume week of Monday, April 4
May 8 - Mother’s Day - Last Angels Choir until Fall
YCH & ADCH SUNDAY REHSLS ONLY - 9:00 AM, May 22 - June 12
Last Sun rehsl: June 12
Summer Choir: June 19/26, August 7/14/21
YCH WORKSHOP & DELEON: Aug 17-20 [Wed-Sat]
BEGIN 16/17 YEAR - Week of Monday, Aug 22
Sunday, Sep 25: St. Michael’s Day [Bishop here]
Fri/Sat, Nov 18/19 - AdCh Workshop + MD Cmte meeting

As this is the weekend before Thanksgiving - suggestion made, and accepted to move Nov AdCh Workshop to NOV 4/5
Also discussion about floating concept of going back to CANTERBURY [for those who travel slightly longer distances, this would
make it much easier for them] - perhaps one at Canterbury, and one on site each year??  Will send out a survey to ask if this
would work.

Those items without any notes - ALL OK, AND/OR NO ACTION REQUIRED
4. Reports:

Choral Scholarships
How are all the groups doing?

Request to be sure to re-commence doing Sectional rehearsals on Wednesdays when we get back after Easter

New members?
Other reports?

Those items without any notes - ALL OK, AND/OR NO ACTION REQUIRED

5. Other/ Old business:?

Social events & Media

Nothing this summer??
NO!!  Investigate a possible short weekend trip to St. Simon’s Island: I’ll be contacting the Episcopal Church there ASAP. 
Probably Christ Church - where worship has been going on since 1736!
2017 Fond Du Lac??
YES - three Adult Choir Members in attendance [I know Jenny was one of them - the other two??] will be doing some
investigating of additional locations for us to visit - e.g. Nashotah House, Dora County [apparently absolutely beautiful in the
summer.  Thinking of a Wed - Wed visit.

The time frame suggested was FIVE YEARS: Post-Christmas, 2020; that year Christmas Day is on a Friday.  I will be contacting
St. Paul’s ASAP.
ALSO MENTIONED: having a Choir Element to the next Honduras Trip

Music Dept. Fund: will be reviewing re my records $7,000, church $13,000
The new TV system - still a good thing?

ABSOLUTELY!  However, see if the middle section of the back-board could perhaps be removed?  Flower Guild wants more
hooks - advised: put up as many as you need!!
Please move the red music stand on the electric piano re glare - DONE

Russell Home again?  Other outreach?
Anything else?

Those items without any notes - ALL OK, AND/OR NO ACTION REQUIRED

6. Next Meeting: Sat, Nov 5, 2016, Noon

7.  Closing Prayer